The songs from the original 1994 Loomer cassette are now posted! For the first time since 1994, songs such as "Bastard", "Cry" "Collide" and "Volcanoe" are available for listening and download from this site!

To be honest, these are the original demos for the songs in question and Lynda, Mark and Hugh were drunk on their asses when they were recorded. They weren't meant for release, but when Loomer started to become popular we gathered these recordings together and put out a cassette just so we could have SOMETHING to sell at shows.

Thrill to Hugh's out of tune bass on "Too Much Too Soon"! Puzzle at Lynda's embarassing whispers at the end of "Baby Murder ..."! Be awestruck at Mark's perfect retard in the drunken tempo change in "Bastard"!

Loomer 1994

Kick in the Head was only released on a compilation CD.

Cry Baby Cry has never been released before

An alternate version of Queen Libertine which was released on the "World Tipped Blue" CD; this one features Debbie Silbermann on drums and has Chris Thornburg's weird, noisy solo on it

Throw Me Away has never been released before. This version features Mark Sawasky on drums.

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