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  • Lynda Mandolyn, vocals, guitar, bass, 1994-?
  • Hugh Caley, guitar, bass, vocals, keyboards, 1994-?
  • Ginger Williamson, vocals, keyboards, 1994-1996
  • Mark Sawasky, drums, 1994
  • Chris Thornburg, guitar, 1994-1995
  • Debbie Michele, drums, 1995-1996
  • Serge Vladimiroff, guitar, keyboards, 1996-?
  • ?? Drummer, drums, 1996
  • Lynda Mandolyn and Hugh Caley, taking a break after a Lickitty-Clit session, decided to start experimenting with what became known as shoegaze music.
  • We record the demo for Too Much Too Soon
  • We record the demo for Cry
  • We record the demo for Volcanoe ... we get excited and decide to start a live band.
  • Lynda invites Mark Sawasky (of the Immigrant Suns) to play drums. Mark re-records the drums for the early demos
  • Lynda invites Chris Thornburg to join to play guitar
  • Lynda invites her friend Ginger Williamson to join to sing backup vocals
  • The full group starts rehearsing at Mark's house
  • The group plays various Detroit-area bars, including Lili's 21, Paychecks, Alvin's, and more
  • Mark Sawasky quits
  • We invite Debbie Michele to join as new drummer
  • January: Our friends in the band Caelum Bliss invite us to open for them at St. Andrew's Hall, the largest independent music venue in Detroit. We do well enough that St. Andrew's invites us to set a date to headline our own show.
  • We decide to move the band to the San Francisco area to be closer to the music industry and expand our audience.
  • Chris doesn't want to move and quits
  • Serge Vladimiroff joins playing guitar
  • We play a few gigs, including a memorable show in the Mojave desert!
  • We record some new songs with Serge
  • We release our CD
  • Debbie quits to move back to Michigan
  • We stop playing live
  • We do another run of CDs for the Japanese market
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